Corinna Balderramos Robinson (D), Candidate for FL Senate 25

“There are people who make your day and then there are people who help fulfill your dreams. I want to be the person who makes your lives safer, stronger, and financially secure so that you and your family and friends can have joy in your life.” I am Corinna Balderramos Robinson and am eager to be your State Senator in the heart of the Treasure Coast, District 25.

I continuously tackle challenges head on to secure safety and resources for your loved ones. I know how to get my hands dirty and to drive solutions as a single mom of three sons. They, as my heroes, are now hard working adults who reside here in Florida. I volunteered to protect them and our country, serving as a soldier in combat in Iraq and in response to the 9/11 terrorist attack at the Pentagon. More than any other time before, I have immense courage for us to employ now during this global pandemic.

As a Doctor of Management focused on Homeland Security, including Emergency Management, my years of top-level governmental, legislative and small business owner work greatly aided communities here at home and abroad. Most recently as a Program Director, overseeing Criminal Justice education programs, I lead volunteer efforts to gather food and supplies for our first line responders, the homeless, and military veterans.

Thank you for the outpouring of support this campaign has already received. Join us on this path to victory as I give your voice value and power in our state government. I will fight tirelessly for you and ensure a safe, strong and financially secure life for our families.

Get involved at and know that I want to hear from you!​#CORINNAFORFLORIDA