Jimmy Smith, Organizers of Stuart protest of the horrific death of George Floyd, & Calvin Turnquest. What it is like to be black in America.

This show is to have a discussion of what is to be a black person living in America today. Late Friday evening of May 29, Jean Laws-Scott’s twin daughters, Morgan and Jordan, said they wanted to organize a peaceful protest in Stuart to bring awareness to racism and the death of George Floyd. They wanted people to know that while all lives matter, they wanted to focus the protest on black lives matter. After sharing their idea with their mom, as well as a good friend Alyssa Espitia, the plans were set in motion. Jean contacted Chief Tuminelli, and Alyssa called Henry Duhart of the PSL DNC. The collaborative effort took off on social media, and a peaceful protest ensued.
I am so glad to welcome each of these organizers to the show. We are going to talk about racism in America, why they planned the protest, and what they hope comes of it.

Also joining the show is Jimmy Smith, President of the Martin County NAACP and Calvin Turnquest. Calvin was born in the Bahamas and gained his U.S. citizenship twenty years ago, and is currently running for Palm Beach County Commission.