KW Miller (NPA), candidate for U.S. Congress CD 18


KW Miller is a Leader
Help KW Miller Put Liberty First!KW Miller will work for you to limit government overreach into your lives and block Globalist expansion of centralized power.Congressman Miller will follow the U.S. Constitution’s limits on government and recognition of individual rights as the Founder’s intended!KW Miller is a Constitutionalist and a balanced conservationist. KW is a strong advocate for the right to keep and bear arms and a defender of private property rights.We need a Congressman in favor of liberty in District 18!KW Miller believes in American exceptionalism, which keeps America great!Background:KW Miller is a Global CEO, CRO, Restructuring & Turnaround Executive in the Energy and Infrastructure Sectors with over thirty-years of combined experience.He Advises Institutional Investors, Sovereign Governments, Restructures, Invests and holds Board positions with Energy and Industrial companies globally. He is considered a pioneer in the Global Power and Natural Gas industry, having led deregulation, market reform and planning efforts in the United States, Nordic Markets, UK, Germany and Australia. He has been the Chairman and CEO of multiple global energy companies and utilities, as well as private energy acquisition companies.His main focus is on very large and complex debt and operational restructuring’s in the Infrastructure sectors, including Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Natural Gas Pipeline, Fuel Storage Terminals, Water and other critical infrastructure assets. To include restructuring all Governmental, Agency and private debt agreements, as well as operational restructuring to include personnel, risk management policies and procedures, fuel supply contracts and other third-party vendor agreements.He holds a BA in Accounting, an MBA in Finance, and is formally credit and risk management trained by JPMorgan Chase (Formerly Chase Manhattan Bank).