Meet Pam Keith (D), candidate for House of Reps. District 18

Democratic candidate for Florida’s 18th Congressional District. Veteran of the U.S. Navy. Attorney. Patriot. A fearless leader with fresh ideas.

Born to a U.S. Navy family, Pam Keith had the privilege of growing up in various US diplomatic communities around the world. Through her worldly upbringing, she learned at an early age the value of being an American. After many moves from locations such as Morocco and Syria, Pam finally relocated stateside.

From her time living in Lexington, Kentucky in the seventies, Pam experienced first-hand the discrimination leveled towards African-Americans. Pam didn’t really know anything about discrimination until the move to Lexington, where her family was the only African-American family in the neighborhood and the only Black kids who were not bussed to school. Those experiences would fuel her passion to fight for equality and justice for years to come. Pam completed undergraduate and graduate study at U.C. Davis, then traveled cross-country to earn her J.D. at Boston College Law School.

From law school, Pam was commissioned into the United States Navy as a Judge Advocate. She was stationed both domestically (DC, Virginia) and abroad (Bahrain), where she passionately worked on military justice cases. Following the Navy, Pam practiced law for some of the most prestigious firms across the United States. Today, Pam is fiercely dedicated to bringing change to Capitol Hill and is a Democratic candidate for Florida’s 18th congressional district.