About KC

Introducing KC Ingram: A Lifelong Conservative with an Independent Mind

Forget the divisive political labels and let’s have an honest conversation about the issues that truly matter – our communities, wallets, quality of life, and future.

In 2009, KC Ingram relocated to the political hub of South Florida, where presidential elections were decided and the infamous hanging chad made its mark. It’s a place where politics is discussed passionately, regardless of whether you lean conservative or liberal. But behind the political stances, there are extraordinary individuals with brilliant ideas.

Enter The KC Ingram Show: A Platform for Balanced Discussions

KC created The KC Ingram Show to give people a platform to hear both sides of an issue, free from assumptions about their complete political belief based on party affiliation. The goal is to foster compromise and understanding, because in America’s diverse melting pot of religion, culture, and heritage, we know how to find common ground. So let’s get back to it, and we hope you enjoy the show! God bless America!

“A local AM radio show based in Stuart, The KC Ingram Show is a refreshingly friendly and engaging program. While KC leans right of center herself, she skillfully allows her guests the space for meaningful dialogue and healthy debate. It’s a good show that offers a neutral platform (unless you’re a supporter of All Aboard Florida, of course).” – Peter Schorsch, Florida Politics

The KC Ingram Show was created to foster a platform where people can hear both sides of an issue without presuming a person’s complete political beliefs by the political party one identifies with. KC hopes to help facilitate compromise and understanding – after all, America is the greatest melting pot in the world of religion, culture, and heritage. We know how to compromise! Let’s get back to it, and KC hopes you enjoy the show! God bless America!

 “…..a local AM radio show out of Stuart and a relatively friendly/engaging program. While Ingram is herself right of center, she has a way of allowing her guests the appropriate level of discourse and a nice amount of give-and-take. Good show. Neutral venue (unless you support All Aboard Florida, of course.)” – Peter Schorsch, Florida Politi